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Australian sexual positions directory with 255 sexual positions


Sex positions - Australia's root directory of all sexual positions !

Welcome to our website: sex positions - hundreds of sexual positions on one great free Aussie website to improve your love life!
Were you looking for porn? Sorry, is NOT a porn site, you will find no explicit or offensive photos on our site, but please enter if you were looking to boost your love life.
Statistics say Australian men and women prefer the "woman on top" sexual position, followed by the "doggy style" position in second place and the "missionary" position in third place.
But outside that sex positions top 3 Aussies do a few more than just those, our website contains several hundreds of sexual positions !

Yes, we have 255 sexual positions on our site; missionary sex positions, woman on top sex positions, oral sex positions, standing up sex positions, doggy style sex positions, artistic and athletic sex positions ... it is all in our Aussie root directory !

Enter our site to have free access to hundreds of sex positions to give your lovelife a boost !
Send free E-cards of sex positions to your friend or lover, or try out a few new sex positions ! is NOT a pornsite but you still need to be 18 years or older to enter !
Or 21 years in some of the conservative U.S.A. states !
in some seriously strict Muslim countries in the middle east it makes
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if your country's cyber police catches you surfing Sex positions !

YES, I want to enter Sex positions and expand my fuckabulary, I am of legal age to enter this website, I have no objections to viewing or reading erotic material and waive all rights to take legal action against the owners of Sex positions for whatever reason, such as any damages arising from use of this website or linked websites, or any death or injury or pregnancy resulting from performing or attempting sexual positions found on this website.

I also understand that regular visits to this website will teach me to shag like a pornstar and if these newly-found skills make me rich and famous I will donate 5% of each porn movie contract to Sex positions to help keep this free service online.

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Sex positions - Australia's root directory of all sexual positions including the free fuckabulary test.